FDI Strategy & Missions

​Globalization, the integration of countries and peoples of the world, means that the Brampton business community operates within both a regional and global business environment.  This increasing integration and interdependence of domestic and international markets cannot be ignored.  The combination of transportation, technological and geo-political and other advances have made it more practical and profitable to conduct international trade, which presents both increasing competitive challenges and business opportunities.   The municipality has a role to play to support the local business environment in managing these rapid changes and in leveraging growth opportunities. 

Therefore, the attract
““We’re ready to support
business that want to
innovate, collaborate,
find suppliers and
strategic partners
and, ultimately, to find
new customers to
invest in Brampton”

Linda Jeffrey, Mayor, Brampton, Ontario
ion of Foreign Investment has been identified as one of three goals under the Smart Growth priority of City of Brampton’s 2016-2018 Strategic Plan:  Cultivate Economic Growth and Stability, innovation hubs and foreign investment.

The 2016-2018 International Business Development and Marketing Plan overviews outlines objectives and actions designed to drive intended outcomes of economic growth and vitality, positive business climate, positive City profile and image, all while monitoring and measuring economic performance and results. 

Drilling down, the 2016 International Work Plan proposes multiple tactics under four core goals as identified in the 2015-2018 IBDM Plan: 

  1. Support Small and Medium Enterprises in Brampton to reach their international goals
  2.  Promote Brampton internationally through strategic partnerships, 
  3. Engage local talent, knowledge and networks of the Diaspora and
  4. Pursue Investment Attraction by supporting the regional Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) agency in the Greater Toronto Area.

These activities are aimed at generating business alliances between Brampton and foreign companies and ultimately driving trade and foreign direct investments into key industrial and commercial sectors.

Both of these reports, as well as a status update on 2015 outbound missions and lead generation initiatives, are available from the column on the right of this page, and we invite you to review them.
Reports on the results from each 2016 outbound mission are available through the Economic Development Committee meeting agendas.
International trade missions, part of our International Business Development and Marketing Plan, are focused on promoting Brampton in key sectors and regions of the world by creating new business networking opportunities; exchange of new ideas with international governmental and business leaders; trade and investment opportunities for the benefit of the GTA and local markets; and building new business relationships with people in different countries and cultures.