Economic Development Master Plan


A new roadmap for Brampton’s economic future

Exciting things are happening in Brampton as the city moves to take a prominent position as a major urban centre. There is a buzz and an energy, a cultural vibrancy creating a strong sense of place where people want to learn, grow, connect and inspire.

The City’s goal is to position Brampton as a global leader in innovation, talent, jobs and investment, with specific targets – including the addition of 140,000 jobs, in Brampton, in the next 20 years. It lays actions around key areas of innovation, talent and competitiveness and investment.  Some of the actions recommended are already underway.


  • Brampton is a global leader in innovation, talent, jobs and investment.


  • Support the creation of more than 140,000 net new local jobs over the next 20 years, with at least 60% of residents working within the community.
  • Develop and support vibrant business, education and innovation ecosystems that generate new investment, new businesses and entrepreneurs.
  • Transform our City into living mosaic of business, culture and diversity

What does this mean for you?

Understanding the City’s economic roadmap will give you opportunities to get involved and influence decision-making. It can help inform your own business strategies. It can provide business intelligence to better understand the workforce, potential partners and competitors. And ultimately, we believe it will convince you that Brampton is the best place for business to invest.

Key Goals

1. Innovation - Drive strategies that ignite opportunities to transform Brampton into a nationally recognized destination for innovation that enhances entrepreneurship, attracts new domestic and foreign investments, and sparks the creation of new businesses, products and services.

2. Talent - Establish Brampton as a national leader for attracting, developing and retaining new jobs and talent for the workplaces of tomorrow.

3. Competitiveness and Investment - Build and sustain a globally distinct and competitive urban City

As a next step, Economic Development staff will be developing performance metrics for job creation, investment, innovation and entrepreneurship. Work will be done to identify roles for key partners and groups, and as the action plan is implemented, and results are measured, staff will ensure the appropriate communication with key audiences.