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Culture Master Plan

The City of Brampton has a new, ambitious, future-focused vision for culture in Brampton.

15 Local Students Launching Summer Companies

A group of local students are trying their hand at entrepreneurship this summer, thanks to their hard work and the support of the Brampton Entrepreneur Centre and the Summer Company program.

How many coffees???

Connect with entrepreneurs and business leaders through online networking playform, 10,000 coffees.

Input needed for economic strategy

The City of Brampton is developing an Economic Development Master Plan, representing the overall strategic plan to support the City’s economic future.
Developing the Master Plan involves research, consultation and analysis – but most critical of all – it needs your input.

More details on University plans

On February 14, Brampton’s Committee of Council approved a report authorizing City staff to begin limited procurement efforts for a new centre of education, innovation and collaboration in downtown Brampton as part of the university project.

MDA gets $53.7M Federal funding supports 175 jobs

In December, MacDonald Dettwiler and Associates (MDA), in partnership with the Federal government, announced they have been awarded $53.7 million in federal funding to invest in robotic technology supporting future space exploration.