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How Brampton is Becoming a Leader in Cybersecurity

A cybersecurity ecosystem is growing right here in Brampton. With Rogers Cybersecure Catalyst, Chang School of Continuing Education and Sheridan College, offering numerous opportunities in learning and skilling up in cybersecurity, Brampton continues to strengthen its position on the Innovation Corridor.

Why is cybersecurity important to Canadians?

Canadian businesses spent $14 billion on cybersecurity in 2017 alone. This includes industries from banking to universities, oil and gas to telecommunications. Cyber defense is a team sport, according to the Government of Canada. Government, industry, academia, and civil society must all work together to strengthen Canada’s cyber security. Brampton is working to become a national leader in cybersecurity.

Digital technologies are increasingly important to innovation and economic growth, and having a strong a cybersecurity strategy is critical to Canada’s competitiveness, economic stability, and long-term prosperity.

Canadians spend the most time online of any country in the world, at 43.5 hours per Canadian per month. As we embrace digital technologies for their tremendous benefits, both business and individuals open themselves up to threats and risks including theft of personal and financial information, intellectual property, and trade secrets, cyber-attacks, destruction of infrastructures, networks and more.

To prevent these threats a strong infrastructure has to be put in place which hackers cannot easily hack, and those with malicious intent can’t get easily into.

Why now and why in Brampton?

Ryerson University-led Rogers Cybersecure Catalyst, and the Chang School of Continuing Education​ are offering cybersecurity courses at Brampton City Hall. Courses include Certificate in Computer Security and Digital Forensics. Sheridan College, which offers various cybersecurity programs at their Brampton Davis Campus, is now also offering courses at Brampton Library’s Four Corners branch. And, development plans for the City of Brampton’s Centre for Innovation continues.

Rogers Cybersecure Catalyst aims to focus on skilling up current cybersecurity professionals, training for demographic groups underrepresented in cybersecurity and with supporting the growth of Canadian cybersecurity. FedDev Ontario’s commitment of $10 Million, Rogers Communications’ $10 Million, Royal Bank of Canada’s $5 Million, and the City of Brampton’s $5 Million contributions this year all highlight the significance and importance of addressing cybersecurity.

These continuous efforts and initiatives aimed at making Brampton a hub for cybersecurity will help create nearly 800 jobs in Brampton. With these efforts, Brampton is ensuring we have the talent, jobs, resources and research capabilities to be a National Leader of Cybersecurity.​