Entrepreneurs Connect: Summer Series Proudly Sponsored by MNP

Entrepreneurs Connect is a workshop series where we discuss business topics that add value to your business. We follow the short presentation with breakout sessions where in groups, you practice and apply principles the speaker has just discussed. The purpose of the event is to create synergies with local businesses and allow them to be a part of a family of mentors and mentees who come together to avoid social isolation that can occur when people are in business by themselves. Connecting is the best form of learning! join us as we work together to help your business succeed. ​

Join us from July 25 - August 15 as we host a series of four workshops about bookkeeping, marketing, tax and sales where we touch on top tips and tricks to help your business succeed. All sessions will be held in the evening from 6 - 8:00 p.m. There is networking between 6-6:15 p.m. and our presentation begins at 6:15 p.m. 

Sponsor Website: www.mnp.ca

Parking: You can access the underground parking lot from George St.

Parking underground is FREE for the first hour OR you can access free parking for the evening by arriving at 6PM sharp.


Event Venue: Brampton Entrepreneur Centre - 41 George St S. Brampton, ON L6Y 2E1


July 25, 2019: Bookkeeping Essentials - Keeping Your Business on Track

Whether large or small, there is one thing all businesses have in common – they require accurate and timely bookkeeping. Join Ty Froese, Partner at MNP for this informative crash course on bookkeeping essentials. Learn the difference between bookkeeping and accounting, common errors to avoid and how to record financial transactions to get you bookkeeping like a pro.​

Presented by: Tyril (Ty) Froese, Partner, Professionals and Private Enterprise, MNP

Ty Froese, CPA, CA is a Partner with MNP’s Assurance and Accounting group in Mississauga. Working closely with a wide range of clients, including small and large privately-owned companies, Ty delivers a full range of tax, assurance and advisory services. Ty has a clear understanding of the challenges his clients face in the local and global marketplace and uses his knowledge and expertise to develop solutions for business structuring, business plans, financial projections, audits and review of corporate statements.

Register Here: https://conta.cc/2HYrkLh

August 1, 2019: Bootstrapping Your Marketing Strategy

Marketing tells a story about your company, its brand and what you stand for. It’s multifaceted and refers to all activities undertaken by a business to promote a product or service. Join Robin Ashford, MNP’s Senior Director of Marketing for Eastern Canada for this insightful session as he shares effective marketing strategies for your business and how to make the most of resources available to you, including harnessing social channels and building relationships in this digital world.
Presented by: Robin Ashford, Senior Director, Marketing, Eastern Canada, MNP
Robin Ashford is a senior marketing and communications leader with an established record of creating and implementing effective and measurable marketing and communications strategies. Having spent more than 18 years working with professional services organizations in both the UK and Canada, Robin has worked with and advised leaders at all levels within a business. He’s motivated by working with, learning from and helping to develop high-performing teams and individuals.

Register Here: https://conta.cc/30BGYof


August 8, 2019: Tax Saving Tips for Your Small Business

Each year businesses are required to file taxes. And every year stress and confusion accompany tax season as business owners scramble to gather documents and try to comprehend tax rules. Recent changes only add to the complexity, leaving many overwhelmed. Join Jacob Angemeer, Partner at MNP for this informative tax session. Learn tax saving tips for small businesses and how to stay organized to avoid the last-minute scramble. This session will also explain how to navigate the new tax rules and adjust your business strategy to avoid pitfalls with CRA.​
Presented by: Jacob Angemeer, Partner, Specialty Tax, MNP
Jacob Angemeer, CPA, CA is a Canadian Tax Partner working out of MNP’s Mississauga office. Jacob specializes in estate and succession planning, working closely with business owners to develop strategies that best suit their short- and long-term objectives. He also identifies other planning opportunities to optimally structure an organization’s business activities to minimize their tax burden.​

Register Here: https://conta.cc/2X1T7Au


August 15, 2019: Structuring Your Sales Approach for Growth and Success

Strong sales are an integral part of any successful business. If your sales have plateaued or aren’t steadily climbing, this session is for you. Join Steven Luckie, Partner, Consulting at MNP for this insightful session as he explains how you can transform your business and improve your sales cycle by implementing simple solutions to optimize revenue and your bottom line. This session will cover how to evaluate and revise your revenue goals to positively impact you, your business and your customers.​
Presented by: Steven Luckie, Partner, Consulting, MNP
Steven Luckie is a Partner with MNP’s Consulting team and leads the Financial Services Institutions practice for the firm working out of the Toronto office. Steven delivers strategic advisory services, helps with revenue optimization and designs and implements business transformation initiatives across multiple business areas and industry sectors. He takes the time to understand the business issues, relevant risks and downstream implications and delivers strategies that take these into account.

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