Client Spotlight

Vivo Plan.png
The Brampton Entrepreneur Centre, (BEC) is proud to announce the launch of a BEC-supported incubator project geared towards helping those with allergies navigate the world nut-free!
Aldo Delgado, Founder of VIVOPlan, the world’s search engine for nut-free products, has been working with the incubator team at Brampton Entrepreneur Centre for several months. Aldo’s dream, fuelled by his own family’s experience with allergies, is to create an app that allows parents, caregivers and those with allergies to source safe dining options, learn where to shop for safe foods, and to find hidden treasures like bakeries that cater to the allergic community.
With one in 13 children in North America living with food allergies, Aldo recognizes the urgent need for a safe, reliable source of information for allergy families “I’m on this mission to make a difference, to make it better for families who are trying to support children with food allergies,” says Aldo. Additionally, according to Aldo, food allergy families already face many barriers so his goal is to make this app not just affordable but free.
With over 200 products and services already listed on the website, the next step for Aldo and his team of three is to seek additional funding to assist with development of the app.
To learn more about VIVOPlan and follow their journey, visit