Arts Walk of Fame 


An individual, or group of individuals (such as a musical ensemble or band), meeting the following criteria are eligible for nomination:
1. Recipients shall be selected exclusively from the arts and entertainment industry defined by the following categories:  
  • Performing Arts, including but not limited to Dance, Theatre, Music
  • Visual Arts, including but not limited to Painting, Sculpting, Photography, Glassblowing, Pottery, and Architecture
  • Media Arts, including but not limited to Film and Television (e.g. short film, documentary, feature film, sitcom, other), and New Media (e.g. animation, interactive art)
  • Literature, including but not limited to Novel, Poetry, Short Stories, Journalism
  • Creative Arts, including but not limited to Conceptual Art, Culinary Arts, Fashion Design
2. Recipients must have received a recognized national, international or industry award, professional designation, or prize of high distinction and excellence in one or more of the categories above. Additional applicable awards, designations and prizes may be considered on a case-by-case basis.  

Recipients must meet at least one of these criteria:
  • born in Brampton
  • a resident of Brampton
  • an owner of a business in Brampton for a period of time  
4. Recipients must have a minimum of five years of experience in the arts and entertainment industry, and have an established body of work.
Selection and Approval Process
The Brampton Arts Walk of Fame monitors the arts and entertainment industry and meets annually to identify and select recipients. In addition, members of the public can nominate recipients as well.  
Recipients must meet the eligibility criteria (see above). The committee will prepare an “Eligibility for Induction Profile” for each candidate. Each profile will be reviewed and approved by the Brampton Arts Walk of Fame committee. A staff report with recommendations will be submitted to City Council for final approval and to formalize a Council Resolution or By-law.
Upon approval from City Council, the inductees will be contacted by a committee member to confirm their acceptance. Permission to be inducted into the Brampton Arts Walk of Fame must be granted by the recipient. If permission is not granted, an induction will not proceed.