Churchville 200th Anniversary Project

The City will kick off Culture Days with a ribbon cutting event on September 29. Join us as we celebrate the 200th anniversary of the Churchville Community, where a public art piece has been installed to commemorate this great milestone.

The Churchville 200th Anniversary Public Art Project is a key initiative contributing to the inventory of Brampton’s public art legacy. The goal of this project is to commemorate Churchville’s 200th year as a community.

Art at a Glance



"The River Drew Me Here" by Art Lucs is a raised sculpture acting both as a park gateway and visual representation of the founding development of the Churchville community. This piece symbolizes the importance of the rivers to the establishment of early communities across southern Ontario, many of which developed around a gristmill built as a commercial service to local farmers.

In Churchville today, the river remains a draw for residents and visitors and an important part of the community’s life: providing a place of serenity and respite in the midst of a 21st century world.

Culture Days is a national celebration of the arts and culture community that unites people, creates lively spaces and instils civic pride. A number of artists and arts, culture and heritage groups will be hosting workshops, performances and interactive displays.