World Cup

Calling all soccer enthusiasts. Beginning June 14, catch World Cup fever in Garden Square! Join as for TSN's live broadcast, from the group stages to the final match. Bring your flags, lawn chairs, your energy and your passion - cheer on your team with the entire community! 
*schedule subject to change

Thursday June 14 
11AM Russia vs. Saudi Arabia 

Friday June 15
8AM Egypt vs. Uruguay 
11AM Morrocco vs. Iran
2PM Portugal vs. Spain

Saturday June 16 
6AM France vs. Australia 
9AM Argentina vs. Iceland
12PM Peru vs. Denmark 
3PM Croatia vs. Nigeria 

Sunday June 17 
8AM Costa Rica vs. Serbia
11AM Germany vs. Mexico
2PM Brazil vs. Switzerland

Monday June 18 
8AM Sweden vs. Korean Republic
11AM Belgium vs. Panama 
2PM Tunisia vs. England

Tuesday June 19 
8AM Colombia vs. Japan
11AM Poland vs. Senegal
2PM Russia vs. Egypt 

Wednesday June 20
8AM Portugal vs. Morocco
11AM Uruguay vs. Saudi Arabia 
2PM Iran vs. Spain

Thursday June 21 - FIFA 2018 games will not be broadcasted
Please join us in celebrating National Indigenous People's Day today!
12:30PM - 1:30PM
6:30PM - 8:30PM 

Friday June 22
8AM Brazil vs. Costa Rica
11AM Nigeria vs. Iceland
2PM Serbia vs. Switzerland 

Saturday June 23
8AM Belgium vs. Tunisia 
11AM Korea Republic vs. Mexico 
2PM Germany vs. Sweden 

Sunday June 24
8AM England vs. Panama
11AM Japan vs. Senegal
2PM Poland vs. Colombia 

Monday June 25
10AM Uruguay vs. Russia
2PM Iran vs. Portugal 

Tuesday June 26
10AM Denmark vs. France
2PM Nigeria vs. Argentina 

Wednesday June 27
10AM Korea Republic vs. Germany
2PM Serbia vs. Brazil 

Thursday June 28 
10AM Senegal vs. Colombia 
2PM England vs. Belgium 

Saturday June 30
9AM France vs. Argentina
1PM Uruguay vs. Portugal
Sunday July 1
9AM Spain vs. Russia
1PM Croatia vs. Denmark
Monday July 2
9AM 1E vs. 2F
1PM 1G vs 2H
Tuesday July 3
9AM 1F vs. 2E
1PM 1H vs. 2G
Game 1: Uruguay vs. France
Friday July 6 – 10:00AM - 12:30PM
Game 2: Brazil vs. Belgium
Friday July 6 – 2:00PM - 5:00PM
Game 3: Sweden vs. England 
Saturday July 7 – 10:00AM - 12:30PM
Game 4: Russia vs. Croatia
Saturday July 7 – 2:00PM - 5:00PM
Semifinals 1:
Tuesday July 10 – 1:45PM
Belgium vs. France
Semifinals 2:
Wednesday July 11 – 1:45PM
England vs. Croatia
Medal Games
3rd Place Match:
Saturday July 14 – 10:00AM
Belgium vs. England
Sunday July 15 – 10:00AM
France vs. Croatia