Flag Raisings and Half Mastings

Flag Raisings

The City of Brampton normally flies the Canadian Flag, the Province of Ontario Flag, the United Nations Flag and/or the City of Brampton Flag on designated poles at various buildings or properties throughout the City of Brampton, including City Hall and the Civic Centre.

Upon request, City Council may authorize the flying of “other” flags at one or more of these locations, in recognition of activities or events that benefit or enrich the City of Brampton, e.g. flying a flag of another nation to enable our residents to celebrate the traditions and heritage of their country of origin and, in so doing, assist in enhancing public awareness of these activities or events and encourage community support for them.  The community flagpole is located only at Ken Whillans Square, downtown Brampton.

To be eligible for a flag raising, the event/activity must:

  • Be non-commercial, non-religious and non-political in nature
  • Represent a nation, country or ethnic group recognized by the Federal Government of Canada
  • Provide an opportunity for various community members or groups to benefit or enrich the lives of the residents of the City of Brampton
  • Encourage understanding and appreciation of the various cultural groups within the community, so that the group and the City can “celebrate together” the strength of our multicultural diversity.
  • Special occasions on other flagpoles throughout the City may be considered at the discretion of the Mayor’s office.

Request must be submitted a minimum of 2 months before the requested date for the flag raising. 

If more than one flag raising request per available flagpole is received and the requests meet the eligibility and assessment criteria, then each flag will be flown for an equal percentage of the available time.

If a request does not meet the criteria, the applicant will be notified and provided with an explanation.

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Half-masting of Flags

The half-masting of national, provincial and municipal flags is a protocol whereby honour and respect is demonstrated by the City of Brampton with the death of a public figure(s). The act of half-masting is a dramatic visual statement, which reflects the collective sorrow and mourning of the public.

For more information, please contact events@brampton.ca.