Village Market Banner 
Thursdays, June 21 - October 4, 2018
100 Commuter Drive
4 - 8 pm

2018 marks the 4th year of the Mount Pleasant Village Market. The Market runs every Thursday evening from mid-June to Thanksgiving in the Mount Pleasant Village Square. Vendors set up tents to sell a variety of local produce, baked goods, prepared foods and hand-made products which transforms the square into a festive marketplace. 

In its first two years, this market operated as a true Farmers’ Market based on Farmers’ Markets Ontario standards. With diminishing success in its second year, the decision was made to bring the market back for its third season as a ‘Village Market’. By eliminating the 51% vendor ratio required to be considered a true Farmers’ Market, more vendors were able to be accepted, and the market was able to expand and grow. The Market will offer more vendors and will work with the Brampton Entrepreneur Centre to give new businesses a chance to grow. 
The intent for this season is to continue to rebrand the market and unite the residents and visitors to Mount Pleasant Village Square around what has the potential to be an essential part of their community and provide them with a feeling of pride. We are looking to increase the number of prepared food vendors to entice the community to enjoy a meal while being surrounded by the sights and sounds of the neighbourhood. The hope is to foster positive connections amongst neighbours while creating a welcoming, inclusive and social destination for all on Thursday evenings!

We thank you for your interest in being a vendor for this year's markets, but the window for applications has closed.