Arts Acclaim Award

Awarded annually in May


Recognition will be given to those individuals or groups whose involvement in the arts have contributed to the community in a significant manner, or have had an impact in terms of achieving local, provincial, national or international acclaim.

For the purpose of this award, the arts are defined in five categories:
  1. Performing Arts – e.g. dance, theatre and music
  2. Visual Arts – e.g. painting, sculpting, photography, glassblowing and pottery
  3. Media Arts – e.g. film, television and new media, (animation, interactive art)
  4. Literature – e.g. novels, poetry and short stories
  5. Creative Arts – e.g. culinary, fibre arts and cosmetology


  1. Accomplishments must have been made within the year of the annual nomination deadline.
  2. An individual receiving an award must have been a resident of the City of Brampton during the time of his/her accomplishment. Artists temporarily located outside the city may be nominated for this award.
  3. If nominating a group, the group must have operated as a Brampton organization with the majority of group members being Brampton residents. If this criterion is met and the group is selected for an award, non-resident group members will also be recognized for their contributions.
  4. Individuals or groups may qualify for an Arts Acclaim Award in the Performing Arts, Visual Arts, Media Arts, Literature and Creative Arts categories by achieving local, provincial, national or international acclaim through:
    • Juried shows;
    • Art exhibitions;
    • Commissioned works; and
    • Competitions

    Note: Accomplishments must be awarded from an established competition, recognized by the industry. Commissioned works qualify and literary publications cannot be self-published.

  5. Artists receiving financial remuneration qualify for this award as do volunteer staff members. Paid staff do not qualify.
  6. An individual or group who have accomplished multiple benchmarking achievements in their career can be eligible for more than one Arts Acclaim Award.

    Note: Computer Assisted Designs (CAD) will only be accepted if the Selection Committee deems the piece to be a creative “work of art”. The Selection Committee will evaluate each submission on its own merit and reserves the right to withdraw the nomination form from the selection process.