Culture Days in Brampton


Culture Days Brampton is a celebration of the arts and culture community that unites people, creates lively spaces and instills civic pride on the last weekend of September, each year. It features hands-on, interactive activities and "behind-the-scenes" experiences where the public can discover the world of local artists, creators, curators and designers. 

​Culture Days Community Information Session

Tuesday May 16

6:30 - 8:30 p.m.

Rose Theatre, Studio

Ontario Culture Days and local staff will share tools, tips and resources for Culture Days activity organizers while encouraging networking and collaboration in the community. Information sessions bring together artists, arts and cultural groups, municipal cultural staff, businesses, local media and other people interested in forging collaborations to organize Culture Days 2017 activities. All information sessions are free to attend and everyone is welcome.​

For more information on Culture Days and how to participate, please connect with us: 

On Twitter @CultureBrampton​
Or email us at ​​​